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Guide for Interviewer: Welcome
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Guideline for interviewer on this up coming shoot!

Interviewer Guidance

Begin the interview. Feel free to use your list as a guide for the questions. Here are some pointers:

  • Are you comfortable and sitting at the same level as your subject?

    • Can you hear the subject?

    • Are you showing respect?

    • Are you asking clear, short questions?

    • Are you asking leading questions - does your question suggest an answer that is more than “yes, no, or I don’t know”? Never ask questions that produce “yes or no” answers. Instead ask open-ended questions. Yes and No answers are almost never useful in final film.

    • Remind the Interviewee to speak in full sentences. Ask the Interviewee to repeat him/herself if necessary.

    • Do not speak over the end of the Interviewee’s answer. Similarly, tell the Interviewee not to begin talking until you are done asking your question.

    • Are you listening to what your subject is saying, and asking good follow-up questions based on the answers they have just given?

    • Are you allowing enough time for the person to answer?

    • Try to be silent in your acknowledgement while your subject is responding, by nodding or smiling, so that your voice doesn’t get recorded over the answer (don’t say “yes” or “uh-huh”). Whatever sounds you make will be picked-up by the microphone. But if it is necessary, feel free to respond verbally.

    • Is the interview flowing well, or does it jump from one subject to another without purpose?

    • How does it sound? It may be worth doing a sound check before recording too much. Play back the tape and listen with headphones. Is there wind or too much background noise?

    • Does it look as if your subject is enjoying the interview?

    • Are you relaxed and maintaining eye contact? Maintain eye contact with the Interviewee at all times. This will prevent them from looking into the camera and keep them looking in the proper direction.

    • Is your body language appropriate?

    • Help the Interviewee to feel at ease. If he or she is nervous, it will show on camera.

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